Our horseback trails are open to all fit adult riders and to teenagers over over the age of 16 with a parental authorisation. Children of the age of 14 may register if at least one of their parents participates. Required level : to be at ease at the three gates.


We meet at the Ecurie des 4 lacs at 9 am. The route,the horses and their tack are presented . Didier Méjard will entrust you with a horse that suits you. You will groom it and put on its tack, and here we go! We'll be riding an average of 5 to 6 hours a day. The rhythm is cool, with a canter from time to time. Saddlebags allow you to carry raincoats, cameras, binoculars, water and packed lunch. At night you will find your luggage at the guest house.

Preparing the horse

Riding pants, light trekking boots, boots, minichaps or chaps, raincoat, sleeping bag, sunscreen, hat, helmet (obligatory for the minors), flask, pocket knife, warm, waterproof but not too tight winter clothing for winter (contact us).


"The generous country" trail ride

Ecurie des 4 lacs, Marie-Amélie Roux et François-Xavier Boussot 39130 Le Frasnois - FRANCE
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