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  Localization : Jura, France
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Located in the area of the lakes at the gates of the regional Natural Park of the Haut Jura, the Ecurie des 4 lacs, equestrian tourist centre specialized in the itinerant excursions, proposes to you X-day mountain trail rides across Jura, France .

Our horseback trail all take place under the responsability of Didier Méjard, CNTE guide, knowledgeable about wildlife and human habits of the surrounding area.
Didier Mejard speaks english.

Trails do not require riders to be very experienced but only to be comfortable at the 3 paces (walk, trot, and canter).

All year round, our obedient and reliable horses (Appaloosas, half-breds Arab, Fjords, Double-ponies) will show you round the Jura with great enthusiasm.

Well equipped with their comfortable saddles (traditional excursions and quality Mac Clellan with sheepskins and satchels), you will discover a mountainous country with lakes, waterfalls, a untamed and green country proud of its nature and its gastronomy!

The various accomodations all guarantee clean buildings, a hot shower, a cordial greeting and a plentiful quality food.

Our pony-trekkings are organized if at least minimum of two people are registered. We voluntarily limit the number of participants to ten in order to preserve a user-friendly spirit.

If you wish to live one moment of full nature where ease of use and friendliness are combined with respect of the horses, come and join us!

See you soon,
Didier Méjard


Ecurie des 4 lacs, Marie-Amélie Roux et François-Xavier Boussot 39130 Le Frasnois - FRANCE
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