In wintertime, Jura is just authentic. Often above the fogs, it offers the rider the joy to canter in powder snow and enjoy the silence and beauty of snowy piceas forests.

Itinerary : The itinerary can change due to the amount of snow (altitude 850-1100m).
If there is a lot of snow we choose to ride through the lakes area (altitude 600 - 400 m), but if there isn't enough snow we may choose to go in the Jura Mountains (altitude 850 - 1250m). We may go from village to village or stay at the same place each night in case of uneven snow level or if the snow level becomes too high.

Between 15 to 20 kms treks a day.

4 day, 3 nights, and weekends


Itinerary example :
Day 1 : Le Frasnois-Doucier : by the Hérisson valley and its waterfalls, 14 kms
Day 2 : Doucier-Bonlieu : by the Chambly and the val lakes, 17 kms
Day 3 : Bonlieu-Prenovel : by the Bonlieu lake, 19 kms
Day 4 : Prenovel : by the Trémontagne forest, 16 kms

2 day, 1 night
From February the 18rd to February the 19th 2017I From March the 11rd to March the 12th 2017I From March the 18rd to March the 19th 2017I From March the 25rd to March the 26th 2017I From April the 1rd to April the 2th 2017I From December the 16rd to December the 17th 2017I From December the 23rd to December the 24th 2017I

3 day, 2 nights

Rates 3 days, 3 nights : 479Euro ttc per person

2 days, 2 nights : 306 Euro ttc per person

Ecurie des 4 lacs, Marie-Amélie Roux et François-Xavier Boussot 39130 Le Frasnois - FRANCE
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